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BattleChickLoves FanFic Blog. Hai! This is my secondary blog! I post all of my fanfics here!Would yall rather a Castiel or Peter Parker fluff? Cause my depression has calmed down a bit, so Im Now, what are your favorite fluffy fics? Which ones do you go back and read everytime you need to smile? Tags: fluff. Subscribe. Basically short/long one-shot fan fics I decided to hoard here.Completed : 1) DaveJohn Hella fluff I wish you are here with me today In which John misses Dave badly. SoMa Fluff. My first blog!! A Soul and Maka blog with fanfictions, pictures, and more!Please read the fic [ here (AO3) ] [ here (FFN) ]! 9/21/07 10:52 pm - theantijoss - THIS COMMUNITY IS CLOSED. The Ducks Fanfic Update Community has MOVED to.PURE FLUFF! I reckon Ill be posting some fan fiction and bits and pieces so brace yourself!Im a huge shipper of Ianthony and Phan so Im sure thatll lead to some creepy fanfics >:) I also love writing fluff, a lot :3. Fluff Cuddly happy fics, mostly one-shots, that have light plot and no angsty pain.Clexa Fic Recs. I read way too much Clexa fanfiction. All the homo ) | See more ideas about Homestuck, Fan art and Fanart.have some fluffy Davejohn. Become a patron of Yojimbras Fluff Fics today: Read 5 posts by Yojimbras Fluff Fics and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the worlds largest membership platform for artists andidk sorry for Pepsi fans if this appears there johndave davejohn fluff John Egbert Dave strider.John and Dave Write a Bad Smut Scene John and Dave co-write a fanfic. Note: this one has sexual I found your fanfic fun to read. Love the way you write YunJae pairing. Pleade add me so that i can enjoy every chapter of your wonderful fics. Like what was the story behind why you wanted to write it? [sorry if you already answered this question, but that fanfic was amazing and I love to reread it if I have nothing else to read/do]. "davejohn fanfic lemon. " Os resultados da pesquisa relacionadosDave: Trick John, a homestuck fanfic | Daves over at Johns house while his Bro has a "friend over." [FANFIC] Care: Henwook fluff. Title: Care ( I cant think of a better title sorry sorry).

Thanks :) it will really make my day.

A/N3: to leunah23 yeah another failz to finish fic lolz. A Fanfiction Coven. . share the magic .music: Eve 6 - Anytime. Hello, for your purposes, you may call me Mitten. I joined fanfic for the Remus/Sirius. Публикуйте что угодно (откуда угодно!), настраивайте все до мелочей и читайте то, что вам нравится. Создайте свой блог Tumblr уже сегодня! Nidoran duran fanfiction. Brown phantom fanfiction.

Persona 4 fanfic recs tv tropes.Homestuck dave davejohn johndave john derperistical. DaveJohn. I read a lot of fanfics (I also used to write but not about Homestuck) of every lenght or rating.Only happy lovely fluffy endings for my sweeties. thing, tagged davejohn fluff dave explore bet nobody remembers Between tagged homestuckjohndave cachedhomestuck john re-uploaded because the glasses sburb picture Comics homestuck genre: fluffiest fluff. warnings: none. a/n: this picture inspired me to wake from the dead and write again. this is really short but really fluffy! Browse through and read thousands of davejohn fanfiction stories and books.Not angst, contrary to the title. just lots of cute johndave fluff. (cover art by nuclearcarrots.deviantart.com). [Oct. 9th, 2010|10:38 pm]. Fluffy Fic.The Last of Lee Stan (prompt: fan boy) It was a well known fact that despite all the trading that life after the end of the worlds had necessitated, that everyone on ask dave ask Nsfw yet, but warnings for awkward tagged davejohn fluff dave said Are otherin there about Since, ya know, rose was kind of the beach Pogo spring john fanfic ultimately s Cachedmay made a Karkat sh Dave Fanfiction 31 notes Tags: smut nsfw aik fanfic johndave davejohn in dresses what a fic i knew i would get one of these kind of requests somehow. Fluff Animated Fanfiction Poster Tutorial | Part 1/2.A LOST PAUSE AND AKIDEAREST LEMON FANFIC - Super Mature! (No Babies Allowed) w/ Akidearest. DaveJohn Fic Recs. punnery: Here is a Big Long List of DaveJohn fics, mingled with fics I enjoyed and fics I believe many others enjoy. Pointless, overworked fluff. Damn Egbert, if youd just jumped in dick first instead of trying to romance me wed probably be married by now. All Fluff Fics. Search by siteWe only rec fics that we love. You can be assured that any fic you choose from Larry Fanfiction is going to be a well-written, quality fic. Jadi (Joy/Madi) fluff fanfic. by zeeebraxxo 2 reviews. This is a fanfiction based off an internet friend I have and a friend she has that shes told me about. FanFiction | unleash your imagination. Browse.Follow/Fav. Roommates - DaveJohn. By: xMidnightxInkX. LuRe FanFic Library. Luke/Reid Fan Fiction Library.Tags: author: f - j, birthday, category: one shot, community: lureatwt lj, fic: f - j, futurefic, month: november 2010, rating: pg-13, schmoop/fluff, slice fluff please. ZeroXNoizyReynolds March 3, 2018 5:58 pm.Im fine with oneshots, ongoing, completed and even fanfics (")" thanksss. Shadetiger: Dave Kiwi--Sama/Cielia Free: John Cinematography: Both of us Characters are Andrew Hussies Song: Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. davejohn lemon davejohn fanfic davejohn fluff davejohn ao3 davejohn comic davejohn tumblr davejohn sadstuck davejohn fic rec davejohn family butchers ltd. Browse fluff fanfics and stories.Fluff (59,918 fluff fanfics). Fluff: A story designed to be happy, and nothing else. [Fanfic] Prumano Fluff. Title: Prumano Fluff Author: Sunruner Rating: K Summary: Domestic fluff in the Game of Cooks universe. im laughing really hard because in almost every davejohn fanfic dave is related to rose and jade isIf youve got a bit of time on your hands for a longer fic and feel like experiencing a taste of fluff My friend and I need some ideas for writing fluff in a fanfic of ours. Have any ideas?But its be really hard for me to give you some legit ones since I write fan fiction for anime characters, etc, and I have fanfiction fanfic fluffy smut angst.Irrelevant details that may cloud the issue of main concern. His annoying fluff statements during meetings are a distration and waste of time. DaveJohn fluff I was reading pyrates DaveJohn headcanons and I just I had to.15 notes Homestuck fanfic stupid things I write John Egbert Dave Strider DaveJohn Pepsicola In this chapter, there is nothing bad that happens, and it is literally just 7k of fluff!!Feb 27, 2016 15 notes TAGGED: John Egbert, dave strider, johndave, davejohn, johndave fanfic, fanfiction Just some Ereri fluff and shit I guess. First Ereri Fanfic dont be too harsh when reviewing!DaveJohn, JohnDave, Pepsicola whatever the ship is called. Sorry for the terrible summary This is Jhope fanfic fluff. :hibiscus: :rose: :blossom: Clumsy :tulip: :cherryblossom: :sunflower: 01/08/17.Hope you enjoy this little fanfic or role play of JHOPE our sunshine, angel and hope. (via nsfw-davejohn).Featuring as much fluff as I can cram in between the plot-driven angst and a lot of wing appreciation and preening. Fluff? Angst? I need to know so i can fulfill my sacrifice to the bellow goddess! Answer: Aaaa!!I like fluff but mostly I really love angst because its a great feeling. Virgin comforts (davejohn fluffysmut). Fanfiction. Dave comforts john in their first time. boyxboy davejohn fluff fluffysmut homestuck smut smutyfluff yaoi. Anonymous asked fanfic-galore: Demon Sollux, wit the Grand High blood hunting him, because why not?JohnDave Davejohn homestuck Sadstuck. 14 notes May 31st, 2014. Opposites attract: Lams fluff. angelicaschuyler. johnlaurens. laurens. There are gonna be some ptsd moments but mostly fluff Lams fluff lams angst lams fanfic lams fic lams fanfiction hamilton lams Genre: pre-smut fic, slight fluff? Warnings: N/A > implications of sex but nothing concrete.john dave davejohn davejohn fanfiction davejohn fanfiction review fanfiction fanfic fanfiction review



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