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One of the citys most famous sons architect Gaudi had a hand in it, and the locals were patriotic enough to preserve their heritage for future generations carefully.And if you want to combine both visiting interesting places in Barcelona, and having rest on golden sandy beaches of the city then What to visit.Barcelona is Gauds city, the place where this world-renowned genius left his unique imprint. Discover the ultimate best places to visit in Barcelona, Spain - a vibrant and bustling city with history, world class cuisine and architectural marvels.Barcelona Zoo. Whats your remedy when the kids get bored of Gaud and gothic churches? Born in Catalonia (the exact town is disputed), Gaudis work has had a lasting impression on Barcelona with his Art Nouveau architecture. Even people with no previous love of architecture place visiting Gaudis buildings in Barcelona at the top of their list of things to do in in the Catalan capital. You can find many works designed by Antoni Gaud in Barcelona and I give you some tips of the most famous works which you should not miss.The Park Guell is a great place for relaxing a while and you can also visit the Gaudis house where he spent 20 years of his life. Gaudi is part of the character of Barcelona and what makes it so unique. Great place to spend a birthday! .Read a bit about the famous architectural works of Gaudi before visiting Barcelona. A great way to start a visit to Barcelona. If you are planning to visit all of the gaudi houses and parc quell, start with the 4D experience. Because the citys metro system makes traveling from area to area relatively painless, you have more flexibility in choosing a place to stay. Le Meridien Barcelona. Places You Need to Visit in Barcelona.Id guess the two most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona are Gaudis Park Guell (originally meant to be a private housing development) and Sagrada Familia (a Catholic Cathedral still under construction).

It is one of the most visited places in Barcelona at all and unlike in other such streets (e.g. La Rambla), the cars are not allowed here making it a lot quieter.Gaudis fountain in Parc de la Ciutadella, Things to do in Barcelona, Spain by JoJan. La Sagrada Familia is one of the most spectacular and most visited sights in Barcelona. A must see and one of the best places to see in Barcelona. The church is Antoni Gaudis most important, biggest and world famous surrealist masterpiece and his largest project. Barcelona Tourism Travel Guide. Tourist Places to Visit in Barcelona.Carrer Olot 5, 08024 Barcelona. Gingerbread houses of Gaudi being one of the symbols of the capital of Catalonia, are found on postcards, magnets and ot Being among some of the last works of Gaudi in Barcelona, this masterpiece was finished by the year 1909.If you visit the place, you may even be able to check out the light and shadow play, a specialty of Gaudi. Theres just so much to see, so many places to visit in Barcelona, that its hard to know where to begin.To give you a taste, why not join us as we visit Barcelona? A selection of popular trips Gaud: Park Gell. In the following lines, well mention all the buildings designed by Gaud that you can find in Barcelona, and some useful data if youre planning a visit.And there is even more! There are other works by the architect located in other places in Catalonia and Spain. Barcelona Spain, Gaudi Park Guell when I first saw Gaudis work in person I was over awed! I could have stayed at Parc Guell all day! Should be on anyones top 10 list of places to visit in Barcelona! This article will discuss some of the best-known places worth visiting, and will also discuss the best way to find inexpensive and appropriate Barcelona apartment suitable for renting while youre there.

Antoni Gaudi. While a few days may not be enough to cover the spectacular sights of the entire city, below we give you a list of the top ten places you must see on your visit to Barcelona! 1. Sagrada Famlia. Take in Barcelonas amazing architecture at Antoni Gauds unfinished basilica. This church is Barcelonas most famous tourist attraction and welcomes over 3 million visitors a year, so expect long queues to get inside. This unfinished basilica is one of the most famous buildings in the world and a definite must-see in Barcelona. Eixample has probably the most famous historic building of Gaudi in its district, La Sagrada Familia. Antonio Gaudi devoted over 40 years of his life on this project.I think its a must of places to visit in Barcelona. Discovering Antoni Gaudi the genius modernist architect: Sagrada familia, Perdrera, Park Guell, Guell Palace, Casa Calvet, Casa MilaWe offer airport delivery too, so if you want to visit Barcelona without worrying about your suitcases thats the place!! Tourist Attractions -Best places in the world -Top 10 places to visit in Barcelona.The exterior and internal interior of the Casa Batllo fully correspond to the architectural style of Gaudi, there are practically no straight lines. In this section of our travel and tourism guide to the best places to visit in Barcelona, we focus on the best architecture of Gaudis houses, especially Casa Mila, Casa Vincens and Casa Batllo. Includes both pictures and descriptions. The city is filled with famous places to visit that reflect both the Catalonian and Spanish cultures.When you travel to Barcelona, you will find places of note designed by famed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, who left his mark on the city. Barcelonas no.1 tourist attraction - La Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaud .But dont forget places like Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona beaches, and Tibidabo moutain (with panoramic views of the city) that are also wonderful places to visit. If youre willing to wander and let yourself fall in love with it, we show you the best places to visit in Barcelona.La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Parc Guell and La Pedrera are some of the works of Antoni Gaud, you have to visit if youre an art lover.TO VISIT IN BARCELONA 1. La Sagrada Familia church 2. Magic Fountain show 3. Picasso Museum 4. Las Ramblas street 5. FC Barcelona museum Camp Nou stadium 6. Barrio Gotico area 7. Modernist Park Guell by Gaudi 8Top 10 Places you must visit in Barcelona - Duration: 3:20. Josep Batll, a wealthy textile industrialist, commissioned Gaudi to transform his family home into something more modern and in keeping with the Modernist jet set of Barcelona.The best places to visit in Barcelona. Gaud. Places. The Wonderful Works of Gaud in Barcelona. June 20, 2012 11:08 am. AB Apartment Barcelona.splash of color to the streets of the Catalan capital and most would agree that taking a look at at least one of Gauds magnificent masterpieces is vital to any visit to Barcelona. Find rating TOP-23 places to visit in Barcelona.Park decorated with the creative hand of the architect Gaudi, which gave the park the surrealistic motives till this days surprises with its beauty and originality. Architect Antoni Gaud is a Barcelona icon. Besides the amazing works of this genius of modern architecture, Barcelona still has a lot to offer. Here I suggest a Barcelona beyond Gaud, and you will discover some other cool places to visit. 1) Las Ramblas This tree lined street is one of the busiest places in the whole city and is a must visit. 2) Temple de la Sagrada Familia This is another stop in Barcelona if you are fascinated by the early 20th century work of Antoni Gaudi youll find that he pops up quite a lot all over the city! Barcelona is a place with many contrasts and places to visit and if you are in the city, you should need to know the must places to visit.As you can see Antoni Gaud is very important for Barcelona and he will accompany you wherever you go. Travel to Barcelona on your next weekend and remember to visit one of city top spots: Gaudi Exhibition Center. Unique exhibition reveals importance of Spains greatest architect. Get hugely discounted tickets for 7.50, instead of 15.00 - on museuly! If you go to Barcelona you must visit Paseo de Gracia, concretely Casa Batll, a wonderful place builded by Antonio Gaud,an artist known by his concept of modernism.Gaudi was a genius! Check out my things to do in Barcelona guide: https Barcelona has many nice places to visit, starting from the Tibidabo mountain, the old town, City Center, Las Ramblas, the Olimpic port, the beaches, the stadiums, El BorneThe majority of his work is located in Catalonia, and more exactly in Barcelona. Gaud died in 1926 run over by a tramway. Home » City Guide » What to do in Barcelona » Places to visit.The Sagrada Familia is known as Gauds most famous monument and Barcelonas landmark. If you have a free afternoon, we recommend making your way over to Park Gell after visiting Casa Batll. Remember what we said about Gaud being an inevitability in Barcelona?Once its registered that, yes, you get to call this place home for the next few days, take advantage of their Palau Reial and Catedral de Barcelona are main sightseeing places in Barcelona.Best Time to Visit. Things to do in Barcelona.The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia and the Gaudi Museum is the work of Barcelonas most famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. Other creations by Gaud in Barcelona that are well worth the visit include: Palau Gell and Casa Calvet.BARCELONA: The place to be in New Years Eve. Barcelonas best winter holiday activities. Modernism out of Barcelona. Places in Barcelona most visited by tourists: attractions, museums, shopping centers, beaches.The author of the temple design is a famous architect Gaudi. Sagrada Familia is a must to visit place for all tourists in Barcelona.

Plaa de Catalunya is a good place to get ones bearings. From this crossroads between the Old Town (the Ciutat Vella) and the New Town (the 19th-century Eixample, where Antoni Gauds Sagrada Famlia and many of the Modernista showcase buildings areSee all places to visit in Barcelona Antoni Gauds relationship with Barcelona is almost one of brotherhood and mystic communion. At the beginning of the 20th century, Barcelona had entered into a period of rapid growth in which modernism, the CatalanIt highlights our recently opened exhibition Walking with Gaud as a key place to visit. Barcelonas verve is matched by its magnificent architecture, characterised by one mans signature, Antonio Gaudi.A celebration of all things Spanish, the village has become a gathering place to dine and be entertained. 2. Visit Parc Gell and take in all the Gaud monuments in the park. 3. Visit Picasso Museum and spend at least three hours there.Whilst in Barcelona, why not go and see one of the best teams in the world in at Camp Nou Stadium (one of the biggest stadiums in the world). These buildings by Catalan architect Antoni Gaud are must-see tourist attractions in Barcelona.Places to Stay.Here are ten of his most remarkable designs you should visit. The Sagrada Famlia. There are countless places to visit in Barcelona.La Sagrada Familia stands as one of Gauds most noted works, and it is a real Barcelona standout. If your time is limited in Barcelona, then youll want to consider prioritizing this incredible structure. If you are a lover of slow walks to historical sites, then you should definitely visit the Gothic Quarter. This place is located in the center of Barcelonas Old Town.Casa Batllo was built, as well as many other prominent architectural structures in Barcelona, by Gaudi, a world-known Spanish architect, in Barcelona is one place where a themed tour would work well. Some visitors may want to tackle trying a different Catalan specialty at every meal while others may want to search out great finds in antiques or local handcrafts. Still others will want to visit buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi Not all of the Gaud sites and attractions in Barcelona were built by Gaud as there are also other places those with an interest in Gaud may want to visit. The Gaud Exhibition Center is the first museum dedicated to the work of Antoni Gaud How about Antoni Gaudi? Have you visited any of these places in Barcelona ?I too loved Gaudi and made it a point to visit most of his works that are scaterred through Barcelona. I agree with your suggestion if I was to choose 1, I would go with Sagrada.



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