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Distance on the map From Iguazu Falls, Argentina to Buenos Aires.Select city to calculate distance from Iguazu Falls, Argentina. The distance between Buenos Aires (EZE) and Foz Do Iguacu (IGU) is approximately 1097 kilometres or 682 miles.Cheap International Flights to Foz do Iguacu (Iguassu Falls), Brazil. I live in Buenos Aires and ive gone three times to Iguazu Falls, one of my favourite places in my country.Well, Argentina is a very beautiful country, we are planning of coming backLong distance buses from Buenos Aires is very comfortable. if you can take all the long distance ride with bus Book your Buenos Aires (EZE) to Iguassu Falls (IGU) flight with our Best Price Guarantee. Save 100 when booking your hotel flight.IGR-Cataratas del Iguazu Intl. 293.83. Day 1: Depart Buenos Aires in the evening and head to Iguassu Falls on a comfortable, fully equipped overnight bus.(Bus estimated duration 20 hs - Distance between Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu approx. - Frequency: Daily Departures - Minimum No. of People: 1 - Recommended Duration: 5 days - Route: Florianopolis -> Foz do Iguacu -> Puerto Iguazu -> Buenos Aires - Transport Mode: 2 Long Distance Buses, 1 Van Transfer - Included Activities: Brazil Side Iguazu Falls (Transfers Bird Park) South America Forum: Jusat planned a month long long trip to Buenos Aires for next July. I know the ususal eway to the falls is flying, but I thoughWe got the BA bus from Iguazu to BA but got off at Concordia on the Uruguayan border to cross the river into Salto.

Google Maps estimates the distance at 15 hours driving time, which is probably more than Id like toAccording to Wikitravel, you could also take a train to Posadas (then continue to Iguaz by bus)Browse other questions tagged transportation argentina buenos-aires iguazu-falls or ask your own VII: First Class (Super Cama) Bus Service from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires on Rio Uruguay.I spied a bus terminal and decided to get off the city bus and see if there were any long- distance buses to Puerto Iguazu. Iguana Falls or Iguassu Falls depending on which side of the falls you are standing is anThe cost to fly to Iguaz from Buenos Aires runs between US350 and 550 per person.Long distance buses in Argentine are comfortable with cama or semicama seats that recline way back. Photos Iguazu Falls- Argentine tripsurunautrecontinent.en-escale.com. Los Glaciares National Park, The Awesome Panorama of traveldigg.com. Distance between Foz do Iguacu and Buenos Aires is 1072 kilometers (666 miles) in Brazil, Argentina.

Also calculate the driving distance and how far is it the travel time. Road route map direction for taxi, car, bus, train and flight.Distance between Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires is 1061 KM (kilometers) and 99.12 meters. Tour Iguazu FallsBus trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazu FallsLong-distance buses have long been the friends of backpackers and low-budget travelers. Is it possible to combine the Buenos Aires to Iguazu falls by bus tour with some kind of local tour within Buenos Aires as well?Covering a total distance of approx 1,071 km. Buenos Aires (Argentina). Where is iguazu falls? The border of Brazil and Argentina.What is the driving distance from Buenos Aires to Mendoza Argentina? About 745 miles. 4-Day Tour to Iguassu Falls from Buenos Aires, BuenosTour Iguazu Falls Puerto Iguazu- Say Hueque Blog. www.lc-stars.com: Argentina. How to get to Tigre from the city | Buenos Aires Free Walks. Iguazu Falls Combined With Other Destinations. Tour to iguazu falls and salta. More Information. Iguazu, Buenos Aires and Patagonia. Long distance buses in Argentine are comfortable if you purchase a cama or semicama seat which recline way back. They also provide meals and movies.Filed Under: Iguaz Falls Tagged With: buenos aires to iguazu, bus to iguazu, flights buenos aires iguazu, getting to iguazu from The distance line on map shows distance from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls between two cities. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles per hour) between Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, It takes 1.18 hours to arrive. How many miles from Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls? The distance between EZE and IGU airports is about one thousand one hundred and sixty-seven miles. What is the earliest and latest flight of the day from EZE to IGU? Distance buenos aires - iguazu. Calculate distance Comments.by car Road distance : 1278 km (794.1 mi) Driving time : 14 hours 7 mins. transit (by train, by bus) Train distance : unavailabile Travel time : unavailabile. The Iguazu falls are breathtaking!I really want to visit Argentina and all of South Americabut need about 2 months free time to go![] and thankfully they also know how to do long distance travel by bus very well, as I found out by surprise on my way from Buenos Aires to Iguazu recently. From Iguazu to Buenos Aires we luckely decided to take the bus! You get the best price when you buy the ticket directly at the bus terminal (and in cash) at one of the many (10) operators with seperate ticket counters. Puerto Iguaz is a tourist city in the Northeast of Argentina at the Triborder with Paraguay and Brazil. It mainly serves the needs of the tourists visiting the Iguau Falls close-by. There used to be a (cheap) train two times per week from Buenos Aires Federico Lacroze railway station to Posadas It shows the time, company, and cost for BA -> Iguazu trips. I highly recommend Bus travel in Argentina. Dont let the distances or the fact thatJune 28, 2012. Hi Alex, great blog! We are going to take your advice and book a bus trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazo Falls. A few quick questions. Flight Duration from Foz Iguazu to Buenos Aires. The distance from Foz Iguazu to Buenos Aires is 7354 km or 4570 miles. A typical flight between Foz Iguazu to Buenos Aires would have a flying time of about 9 hours 9 mins. Travel options for: Hilton Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. Fly from Buenos Aires Jorge Newburg.From Hilton Buenos Aires walk to Leandro N. Alem, Microcentro, San Nicols, Ciudad Autnoma de Buenos Aires, C1038AAI, Argentina, line 152 bus to Avenida del Libertador, walk to Retiro, bus to It is a mainstream tourist destinations due to the famous waterfalls which are situated at the border between Argentina and Brazil at a distance of about 20km.This page in spanish: Buses de Buenos Aires, Retiro a Puerto Iguaz. More Puerto Iguazu Topics. bus tickets from buenos aires to iguazu 39 replies. Buses from Buenos Aires 16 replies. Full Moon Tour at Iguazu Falls 2 replies. Macuco Safari or Gran Aventura? The Luxury Buenos Aires to Iguazu by Bus tour includes three days and two nights luxury accommodation in a 5 star hotel / jungle lodge with breakfast, local transfers and tours of Iguazu Falls (Argentine and Brazilian sides), starting at 475 USD. (Long- distance sleeper bus additional.) airport information close to the iguazu falls.Long distance buses are very comfortable and reliable in Argentina. Most of them leave from Retiro in Buenos Aires and the transfer time is between 16 and 18 hours. So if youve got time to spare and youre looking to keep your Argentina trip budget in check, why not take a bus to Iguazu Falls? Its true that the distance is long18 hours long, to be exact. And while the flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu is only two hours, the bus isnt a bad option at all if Buenos Aires With Touristic Bus To Iguassu.Day Trip To Iguazu Falls From Buenos Aires: We are very pleased with Tangol Tours services. Leonardo answered all my questions and was very helpful in the initial part of the arrangements. Compare Flight Prices from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Iguazu Falls by Month Prices shown were found by travelers like you over the past 30 days. Low priced flights are most commonly available by purchasing between one and three months in advance. The other options are Cama Ejecutiva which doesnt recline completely but is still quite comfortable and Coche Cama where the seats dont significantly recline and is not recommended for long distances.Via Bariloche Bus from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires. Check your Flight Duration times from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls now with this simple to use site!The duration and distance from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. 2 hours, 1 minutes. approximate for a direct flight. 4-day tour from Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls. Visit both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides of the falls. Transportation on a fully equipped bus.It was a wonderful tour to the Iguazu falls! The only thing I could say was WoW when I saw the falls for the first time. Iguazu Falls is a Brazil city located at the longitude of -54.4477072 and latitude of -25.7069357 . The total distance between Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls is 1061 KM (kilometers) and 99.12 meters.If there is any Train from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls and available bus services. thats amazingly some distance to bypass by street, i desire to propose you fly. From Iguazu to Rio thats approximately an hour and a a million/2 and from Buenos Aires that is with reference to an analogous. thats going to be veryHow far is Iguassu Falls from Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro? Round trip flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.Guided tours of the Argentinean Iguazu Falls National Park including open train ride to the Devils Throat approach, the upper circuit and the lower circuit. The cheapest flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu Cataratas del Iguazu was found 55 days before departure, on average.An average nonstop flight takes 1h 45m, covering a distance of 655 miles. How to get Iguazu Falls. There are several flights departing from the airport of the city of Buenos Aires.From the station a bus depart to the park every 30 minutes from 6:30 am to 7 pm. There are also remises and taxi services available. We experienced our first long-distance bus journey from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. The bus station was a little hectic but once on the bus we were surrounded by an air-conditioned luxury environment with fully flat reclinable beds, waiter service, hot meals and Champagne Estimate how much it would cost to travel from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls by Bus.Your cost to travel by Bus: 89 - 108. Jos Mara Moreno. train. Total Distance Day 1: Depart Buenos Aires in the evening and head to Iguassu Falls on a comfortable, fully equipped overnight bus. The bus has a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, and the seats recline 180(Bus estimated duration 20 hs - Distance between Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu approx. Bus to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires 5 replies. Salta to Puerto Igazu 3 replies. Via Bariloche bus service Iguazu back to BA 10 replies. Would it be crazy to take an overnight bus (cama, semi-cama, or semi-plus) from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu arriving at 7:30AM, visit the falls for the day, and then return that evening on a similar bus going back to BA to arrive the next day? Find the cheapest flights for Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls.

From last minute deals to travel tips and a low cost guide, weve got you covered.L Distance: 665 miles. >>read more about Cheap Flights to Buenos Aires. Buses from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.Although the distance between Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls is long (1288 km), renting a car and driving through Argentina can be an interesting adventure.



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