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Hi my iPhone 4S just suddenly has some blue lines and streaks on the screen. I did not drop it or any thing. How can I fix it? Related Questions. How do you fix an iPhone that has a white screen with lines?How can you fix the blue screen of an iPhone 4S? Fairly new iPhone 4s (about 3 weeks old) after the 2nd week these blue horizontal lines showed up could this be a result of water damage as i had it by the pool and got some drips on it when changing the song. also i bought a cheap screen protector could this be the problem?? Zebra lines or blue vertical stripes on a display is a common problem many users report after iPhone screen replacement Usually its not causedWhy does my phone have color lines across the screen? my iPhone 5c is not responding the lines are all over my screen and i can slightly see the background. My iPhone screen now has vertical blue-black lines after I dropped it. It wont take calls. How to fix this problem?I dropped my iPhone 4 When you find iPhone freezes or water damaged, shows a black/blue screen and reboots, or just meet the iPhone random blue screen with lines, you can try any of the top 52. Update to the newest version of iOS 10/9.3/9.2/9.1/9. iPhone blue screen in iOS 7/8/9 has been largely complained about. I watch a line go across the top as if it will send and it stops about 3/4 way across and dies.Ive tried all ways on my iPhone 6, but its still stuck on the Apple screen. What should I do?My iPhone 4S running on 5.1.1(9B206) and it just had this problem. A soft reboot (hold down the power switch and Hope this helps, g - iPhone 4S.Dropped my iPhone today and the screen didnt break, but blue and balck vertical lines show up when i press buttons. I have a lot of important text messages and pictures that i dont want to lose. I have had my 4S since December and its worked fine until two days ago. Also, disconnect the battery, Jul 22, 2015 Many people reported that their iphone got Zebra lines or blue vertical stripes on a display after iphone screen replacement.

I dropped my iphone 4s and the screen is black with some blue lines. IS there a way to view my text messages on the computer?DB:2.87:I Repaired A Cracked Iphone 5c Screen Now I Have A Black Screen With A Vertical Blue Line On The Left Hand Side Of The Screen.

After dropping my iPhone 4s my whole screen turned into blue lines, my screen was cracked and there was a missing part of my iphone to the right of my camera. My ringer still vibrates and I tryed to reset it by holding down the home and lock button, but nothing will work. Answer this question I have Does the iPhone 4S screen have a yellowish tint? Josh P. Miller/CNET. Some new iPhone 4S owners are saying that their screens display a yellowish tint, prompting a few of them to dub the alleged defect "yellowgate." A lot of iPhone users faced unpleasant blue screen with lines issue.Fix 1: Delete App. This issue might be happened because of the faulty app. This problem may have happened after you installed a certain app. If you have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can also use the Touch ID sensor for authenticationWhen youre on a call, the screen shows several call options. Mute your line. Or touch and hold to put your call on hold.A blue dot. conversation to view or continue it. indicates unread messages. Mute your line. iPhone 4 or later: Touch and hold to put your call on hold.To call someone who has an iPhone 4 or later, you can start by making a voice call, then tap FaceTime.When a device is connected, a blue band appears at the top of the iPhone screen. Have you ever trap into the situation that your iPhone blue screen and then restart on its own? It frequently happened on iPhone 5s and iOS 7. When you are using iPhone, system suddenly crash and you get an iPhone SE/6/5/4 blue screen of death (BSOD) with lines. A growing number of T-Mobile iPhone users are complaining about seeing frequent restarts and " blue screens of death" on their devices, a problem that seems to have begun very recently. MacRumors has received several complaints from readers Apples iPhone 5S has had a somewhat shaky launch. As well as this apparent blue screen issue, users have also been reporting problems with the handsets new motion sensor, which is apparently "a few degrees off."Firm also bins its old 17Mbps copper line package. iPhone 4s Black Screen after update, Fix.iPad randomly turned off, I tried taking it off sleep but it flashed for a millisecond and had blue lines vertically on the top that looked as if its bleeding. my iphone 4s has no sound when i play video or music it only works with headphone please helpreset my iphone 5s only and the screen turns blue then go vertical lines and then appears on the screen as a white spot and reset again Unlike those usual crashing issue that you have on individual application, this directly affects the operating system of the material, rendering it useless unless you do the fix. Now lets learn how to fix iPhone blue screen issue. The yellowing has been described in many diffrent cases and seems to show up as a yellow hue or tint, yellow blotches or yellow lines!Some users like Adrian Covert over at Gizmodo has found that his iPhone 4 S still looks a little yellow, when compared to the older iPhone 4 screen which is more blue. what will happen if i didnt replaced it? the screen is working fine i dont have any problem now just the line jdeang Aug 15 16 at 12:10.iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death (Water Damage). 2. iPhone 5 no longer responding to touch. I had just one case with just one damaged line by the longer screw, most of the time I had to rebuild 3-5 lines out of the 7 there.Just Received an Iphone 5s with the same issue "Blue Screen while Restoring" and "Error 14". Edwin Aldrin: hello 1 have a question my iphone4s has no cracks but blue vertical lines will it still work the technique you showed us Thanks. miracle smith: you have to get a whole new screen. miracle smith: did this help anybody. There is only the iPhone blue screen with Apple logo. A 2: Sometimes the wrong or paused iPhone update will lead into blue screen issue because of iOS system problem. Try to restart iPhone to have a try first. MrFilip 528,150 views 6:19 Repair iPhone 4 IPHONE 4S BLACK SCREEN WITH BLUE VERTICAL LINES www. iPhone 4 LCD ProblemsI then realised these lines are the usual graphics that have Nov 2, 2016 How to Fix iPhone 7/SE/6s/6s Plus/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 Blue Screen of Death. The iPhone 6 has an amazing design and several iDevice users around the world still own it. However, many of these users face the problem of blue screen of death, which pops up when certain apps are used. Katie. This just happened to me on my iphone 5s that is 4 days old. Music app running, I open Pages. My doc loads briefly, and I get a blue screen with pixelated horizontal line and a system forced restart. Im going into the Apple Store to figure it out. A phone this new shouldnt have this problem. My iPhone 6S screen is blue.I tried restarting and updating it but it didnt work.No sudden rebooting has occurred.How to fix this issue?-Alison. Hey!My iPhone occurred the blue screen of death when I was using a game app,all of a sudden,the screen started flickering, lines appeared on screen and Updated on 04-08-2014 by AJ Dellinger: Weve added four more common iPhone 5S problems to our original list, along with potential solutions or workarounds for each one. What do you do if you have an iPhone 5S problem and you want it fixed right now? Quite a few iPhone users faced an issue known as blue screen of death. What happens here is quite strange you are using one of the apps, and all of a sudden, the screen on your iPhone turns into blue color and your phone reboots. iPhone screen flickering? Give this a shot. Ive had my iPhone 4 (work phone) about a year now. And just a few days ago I noticed I had a case of the iPhone 4 screen flickers. Its a bit lighter and you can see lines like you would if you looked very closely to a TV set. If your warranty is expired, youll have to pay for a screen replacement. If you can back up your iPhone to iTunes, do so before having the screen replaced iphone 4s dropped screen blue lines. Blue Screen Solutions. Monday, May 14, 2012.I had an iPhone 3G that was stuck on baseband 05.15.04 and was very hesitant to lose GPS capability but these particular instructions worked perfectly for me, and GPS still functions on my phone. The red screen of death (RSOD) is well thought-out as one of the utmost common issues raised up by the majority of iPhone 6 owners.This error is the so-called having the blue screen of death (BSOD). Unboxing of a White iPhone 4, a Blue iPhone 4, and a Red iPhone 4 - Oh yes. Who doesnt love a little dash of color? We have color convertedHow to fix unresponsive iPhone 6 screen with blue lines Once a while my iPhone will become retarded and will not response to the touch movement. After I fitted the new lcd screen, it just has multicoloured lines going down the screen, before changing the screens the old oneThe screen on my iphone 4s has cracked/shattered, can Apple fix this? Answer Questions. Returning my monitor, will I get a full refund? Why is my monitor screen blue?.? When a device is connected, a blue band appears at the top of the iPhone screen.64 Chapter 5 Phone. If your service includes conference calling, iPhone always has a second line available in addition to the conference call. iPhone 6 Plus | How to Fix Vertical Blue LinesIphone 5 with telus. Screen has lines Central Nanaimo, Nanaimo. 614 x 461 jpeg 34 КБ. moneyexpertsteam.blogspot.

com. I have an iPhone 6 on T Mobile and mine just started doing the blue screen restart thing this morning. It gave me a blue screen and restarted 5 times in a row. Let me know if you find out what the problem is! Part 1: Reasons why iPhone screen has blue lines. The reasons for your iPhone screens blue lines would differ from one kind of user to another. The problem may vary but we know that generally electronic related objects will be more sensitive if it hits hard or falls down. When you do this on a piece of text, it highlights in blue, and editing handles—vertical lines with blue dots—appear on either side of the highlighted area.Also note that since the iPhone 5 has a taller screen than previous generations of the iPhone, apps not updated to take advantage of this extra Ive never once had a blue screen happen on my iPhone 6 Plus. Itll occasionally respring (because of jailbreak tweaks — iOS 8.1 for 8 months, now on the 8.3 jailbreak), but not fully restart. I also leave VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling off as I dont use those features. Solution: If you see lines on the display of your phone the first thing that you should do is to do 18 Nov 2016 Does YOUR iPhone 6 Plus screen haveMy one started restore then went to a blue screen with white lines and slowly faded out over a few minutes and would not turn on or respond at all. Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now.iPHONE BLUE SCREEN AND BLACK LINES (HELP) - Duration: 3:17. simon theredfish 5,858 views. When a device is connected, a blue band appears at the top of the iPhone screen.64 Chapter 5 Phone. If your service includes conference calling, iPhone always has a second line available in addition to the conference call. iPhone LCD blue lines. To solve this problem try pressing the power and home button at the same time.Restore the iPhone to latest OS and if the screen still has the jitters, do the next step. Turn the brightness low. This has worked for many people. I am having a different problem. Nothing was wrong with my iPhone 4s except I dropped it, and cracked the screen.I tried to restart my phone but when I turned it off all i saw was a blue screen with purple and pink lines. How to fix repair an iphone black unresponsive screen. Step by step guide. Gen 4 4s by CardinalPC. 405 views.Hey buddie I have the same problems some lines with blue background



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